How George Clooney Likes To Spend His Extra Cash

When a little extra cash comes your way, you probably do one of two things: Sock it away in a savings account (good for you!) or blow it on whatever's at the top of your wish list. But not George Clooney. His spending habits prove that altruism — even in Hollywood — is alive and well.
In an interview with The Guardian, the silver fox revealed that the majority of the profits from his Nespresso commercials (like this meet-cute offering) go toward the Satellite Sentinel Project, an organization he founded that tracks Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir and his army by satellite in order to warn innocent Sudanese people of impending attacks. That's right, no extra cars or private jets — he's using a paycheck to keep a watchful eye on war criminals. (Do we even need to say swoon here?)
After being arrested during a peaceful protest last year outside the Sudanese Embassy in D.C., Clooney has been more determined than ever to promote justice in Sudan — even if it makes him less popular with the criminal element. "Then [al-Bashir] puts out a statement saying that I'm spying on him and how would I like it if a camera was following me everywhere I went, and I go, 'Well, welcome to my life, Mr. War Criminal,'" Clooney said. "I want the war criminal to have the same amount of attention that I get. I think that's fair." We say: Way to do good and get the last word. (The Guardian)

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