JT's "Take Back The Night" Video Is One Big Ode To NYC

Justin Timberlake may be a Tennessee kid at heart, but his new music video for "Take Back The Night" proves he's got a soft spot for the Big Apple, too. The vid features JT doin' his thang all over New York City, from busting a move on a Chinatown street to hitting up a basement club to cruisin' (in a drop top switching lanes) up to the Bronx. Choreographed clips alternate with real footage from the singer's Yankee Stadium show (part of the Legends of the Summer Tour with Jay Z), all to the tune of the jazz-inspired single.
All the usual JT flair is here, from fancy footwork and smoother-than-smooth grooving to dapper style and more than a few sly glances at the camera — plus, he throws in a few hero shots of the city skyline for good measure (Statue of Liberty, anyone?). Anyone who was lucky enough to see one of the LOTS shows will have immediate chills, and anyone who missed out will experience almost instantaneous FOMO. Either way, it's always a good time watching JT get his sexy on — and the song's not half bad either. (Pitchfork)

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