The iPhone 5C: Cheap, Colorful, And Coming Soon

iphone5cBODPhoto: Courtesy of Apple.
We hate to say we told ya so, but we told you so. After weeks months of speculation, reliable news regarding Apple's next iPhone generation is here. Photos showing a bunch of empty iPhone boxes leaked over the weekend with the now-iconic Apple packaging design reading "iPhone 5C."
A trusted Business Insider source says that the phone will indeed come in an array of colored plastic, so matching that fresh manicure to your phone just got a whole lot easier. Just as the 4S stood for Apple's introduction of Siri, the "C" is Apple's way of welcoming color to the iPhone's monochrome (but effortlessly stylish) family.
Of course, there are iPhone purists out there who have begun calling the new gadget the iPhone Cheap, but it might come as a surprise to these 5C bashers that new reports claim the phone will begin pricing at $350. So much for being entry level, huh? But hey, to each her own. We're just giddy over the color. (Business Insider)