After This Tumblr, You'll Never Look At Your Favorite Children's Books The Same

From Dr. Seuss to the Berenstain Bears, we all had our favorite childhood books du jour. And, while we don't still stay up past our bedtimes reading Curious George under the covers (well, most of the time), there's no denying that flipping through old tomes brings up tons of nostalgia. Until now, that is. Thanks to the new Tumblr Dirty Laundry, you'll never be able to think about your childhood tales in an innocent light again — and it's totally awesome.
The blog transforms classic kid's books into dirty, raunchy, and totally hilarious parodies. Think Are You My Baby Daddy? and The Scat in the Hat. The cover art is worth a second glance, too — giving a whole new meaning to works like Sweet Valley High and The Giving Tree. Now, if only high school English had been this fun. (BuzzFeed)
Photo: Via BuzzFeed

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