Childish Gambino Releases New "Centipede" Track For Free

Community fans, we regret to inform you that Troy Barnes won't be romping around Greendale as much this season, but you can still get your fix of Donald Glover over the radio waves. The actor, who has been recording hip-hop tracks under the pseudonym "Childish Gambino" for a few years now, is taking time to focus on his music career.
Glover released his first LP back in 2011 under Glassnote Records, and today he's bringing Childish Gambino back. "Centipede" manages to mix together scat vocals and a hint of jazz piano with a thumping bass. If John Legend and Common somehow had a musical baby, this would be it. It's an atmospheric sonic creation tale that explodes halfway through while maintaining its jazzy roots. This is Glover's personal history, explicit and unfiltered. The end of the song is only the beginning of Childish Gambino: "Show time." (Vulture)
Photo: Courtesy of Facebook/Childish Gambino.

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