What Would A Plastic Surgeon Change About A Model's Face? Actually, A Lot

When we look at beautiful women, the last thing on our minds is what we'd change about them if we could. But what does a plastic surgeon see when she looks at a beautiful woman? Apparently, everyone — even the most traditionally gorgeous model — looks like a work in progress to someone who is trained to notice "correctable flaws." To illustrate just what that means, photographer Marc Erwin Babej has released a new series called "Mask Of Perfection," in which a plastic surgeon marked up the faces of professional models to indicate the difference between natural beauty and the beauty standards of the plastic surgery industry.
The photos are truly haunting. What does it mean that a traditionally beautiful face has alleged room for improvement? If these women have "correctable flaws," according to the plastic surgery industry, things are looking pretty dim for the rest of us. The series is a wonderfully complex commentary on an industry that has perhaps become somewhat of a runaway horse: It appears we're all chasing a standard that can't be naturally accomplished. And, if that's the case, maybe we all need to make a pact to get some new standards. (Huffington Post)
mask of perfection
Photo: Via Huffington Post

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