This Is The Weirdest Erotic Novel, Ever

If you thought Fifty Shades of Grey was lacking in ahem, animal sex, well, we've found the tome for you. Buzzfeed turned us on (no pun intended, or maybe it is) to an intriguing new volume in the shapeshifter sex tradition. It's called Hedging His Bets, and this time, the pun definitely is intended.
Like most novels in the genre, it tells the story of sexual escapades between a man who is half-animal and various, all-human women. While other books usually incoporate things like lions or wolves, which we can maybe understand, this one makes the unusual choice to sexualize...hedgehogs. Sounds like somebody (namely, authors Celia Kyle and Mina Carter) had a thing for Sega back in the day.
Click on through to Buzzfeed for an extensive list of works in this titillating genre, which includes such thrilling titles as "The Unicorn and the Virgin" and "Kitty and the Midnight Hour." It should also be noted that research for this article led us to the Wikipedia entry on "Fictional Characters Who Can Stretch Themselves." So, have fun with that. (Buzzfeed)

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