Forget Horoscopes, Sandals Are The New Personality Guide

Last week, researchers claimed that the way you eat popcorn revealed your true personality. This week, it's sandals. Which, if we're going to chose between popcorn or sandals, we'd put our money on the footwear.
The Gloss took it upon themselves to jump on the "X means you're a..." bandwagon and fit 11 personality types to 11 types of sandals (that's nine more options than your popcorn personality). Hooray for choices, right?
Anyway, these traits and their corresponding sandal are not scientifically proven, and are merely theories based on popular culture — which is sometimes more useful than book smarts. Choosing between a gladiator sandal and a wedge, for example, means choosing between coming off as a total jerk or a money-hungry shallow-souled being. You could play it safe with the kitten heel, but you'll just be the nice, polite girl whose shoes clank on the stairs. There is always the option of Tevas; they're kind of trendy now, and according to The Gloss, you'll survive the apocalypse, so there's that.
This is, of course, not the last word in personality traits — not all wedge-wearers are made alike. These are merely guidelines — rules to maybe live by. Take 'em or walk on by. (The Gloss)

Photo: via The Gloss.

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