The 11 Cutest Bike Helmets To Strap On Before Your Next Ride

While the idea of going on a two-wheel spinning stroll sounds like an innocently good time, we hate to pull the brakes for a friendly reminder that accidents do happen from time to time. The sad thing is, some riders prefer to sport bare noggins on their set of wheels because cute helmet options aren't exactly a dime a dozen. For shame!
So, we're here to stop that excuse in its tracks with this roundup of downright adorable skull protectors! From a polka-dotted topper that is so spot on to a leopard-print cap that's the cat's meow, these bad boys will see to it that you're still in one fashionable piece every time you hop off. Pedal through the helmets after the jump, and we promise you'll be itching to buckle up!