Want To Lose Weight? Don’t Set A Goal (Seriously)

If you thought that setting a specific weight, size, or measurement goal can help you lose more weight, think again. According to a story published in The Daily Mail, setting specific weight-loss goals can actually hinder your get-fit potential. According to a study published in The Journal of Consumer Research, setting range-based weight loss goals ("I want to lose two to four pounds this week") versus specific goals ("I want to lose three pounds this week) sets the stage for more successful weight loss.
According to one of the authors of the study, setting goals with a range of acceptable numbers taps into our accomplishment response, which is stimulated by goals that are viewed as attainable, rather than end points that seem out of reach. The study also acknowledged that hitting a specific number within the middle of the range can seem to some dieters to be a compromise, meaning that it's both less challenging and less attainable — a clash that many people find to be discouraging.
So, if you're looking to shape up, give yourself a little leeway when it comes to numbers — it may help you stay on the path towards lasting heathfulness. (Daily Mail)

Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Mail

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