Texas House Passes Abortion Bill, Despite Filibuster Attempts

As, unfortunately, expected, the newly proposed abortion bill in Texas has continued to pass through the House. Though Wendy Davis awesomely pushed through a 13-hour filibuster a few weeks back and was able to prevent the bill from being voted on at the time, the Associated Press reports that the state House approved the legislation in a special session yesterday, after ten hours of debate.
That's not to say there wasn't a good amount of fanfare and protest surrounding this vote, though. Planned Parenthood announced a bus tour on Tuesday morning called Stand With Texas Women, and women from both parties hung coat hangers on the podium to symbolize a predicted rise in illegal (and dangerous) abortions. The bill, which puts more stringent requirements on when, where, and how late in the pregnancy an abortion can be performed, has been particularly controversial because it will result in more limited healthcare for poor women statewide. The bill is opposed by the Texas Medical Association, the Texas Hospital Association and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
A final vote on the bill could be held as early as Friday, so stay tuned. (AP)
Image: Via The Associated Press.

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