Turns Out Changing Your Name After You Get Married Is So Not The Norm

We all know the traditional principles of getting hitched — and the gender politics that come along with them. For more than a decade, the debate over whether women changing (or refusing to change) their names after marriage makes a statement about gender roles. But, according to an article posted today at The Telegraph, changing one's last name after marriage is becoming increasingly outdated — but not for the reasons you might think.
While some women avoid the ceremonial name-swap due to all the paperwork and processing involved (opening a new bank account was stressful enough), other women avoid changing their names as a feminist statement. According to writer Louisa Peacock, however, some women simply can't be bothered to ditch their old names for new monikers.
Peacock argues that keeping her maiden name, in her opinion, is a sign of staying true to herself, and keeping what makes her feel unique. For other women, it's about preserving lineage and heritage in families with only female offspring without males to "pass down" their surnames. Bottom line: there are cases where politics just aren't involved.
What are your thoughts on adopting a new name after marriage? Will you stick to the one you've grown up with, or do you like the idea of uniting your identity with your spouse's? (The Telegraph). surname
Photo: Via The Telegraph

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