Sharknado Movie Is Mind-Blowing; Exactly What It Sounds Like

Have you ever wondered about the most hardcore movie ever filmed? About the most insanely over-the-top action-packed power experience on Earth? The one that will blow your mind into a gillion droplets of 5-hour Energy? It's called Sharknado, it stars Tara Reid, and it's the sharkiest 'nado ever to surface.
Now, upon watching this trailer for the SyFy original movie premiering this Thursday, you may ask yourself questions like, "but aren't sharks totally harmless/pathetic/dying when they're not in the water?" Obviously not, because if that were true, we wouldn't have to worry about sharknados destroying the homes of millions of sharkmericans and taking away their shark jobs with their sharky ways. In short, Sharknado is the best and worst thing that's ever happened to you, and don't you dare question that. (Mashable)

Photo/Video: Courtesy of SyFy.

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