Candy Crush Saga Has You Hooked, Admit It

Apple's App Store has given us a lot of things like Instagram, Snapchat, and mobile hot-or-not "games." They've also bestowed upon us a little thing called Candy Crush Saga. If you're not addicted to it yet, you will be (curiosity killed the cat, after all). It's Tetris for the App age, where the blocks are candies and the number of levels is infinite (okay, there are 385, but play along with us). Chances are you're at least friends with one of the 44 million active Facebook Candy Crushers who've helped make it the number three best-selling app in the App Store. It's okay to admit you instinctively tap open the game whenever you swipe open your phone or iPad — there's no Candy Crush Saga Anonymous you have to report to, or anything. But like any addiction, it's important to know a little bit about why you may or may not be living, breathing, and dreaming of aligning three-of-a-kind candies on the regular.
Megan Rose Dickey of Business Insider swallowed the red pill and took it upon herself to figure out just what makes the game so appetizing. For starters, you never "lose" in Candy Crush Saga. Unlike games where you're forced to start over if you fail a level, you remain on one level until you succeed. This can be done over any platform, too; your iPhone, iPad, Android etc. — the game never leaves you. Plus, the creators knew the power in gifts, and decided to randomly reward players at any given time with lifelines and tools to help you along the way. But, they also created a false sense of mastery, as in you feel like you're accomplishing something difficult and important when you're really just wasting time. And even if it's still too hard for you, and you lose a life, you're not dead forever; the game revives you in 30 minutes, thus instilling this "compulsion loop" that keeps you coming back for more.
You are forever progressing, and therefore always winning, and who could say no to that? Who cares about a couple hours of sleep lost here, a wasted lunch break there – you're a winner! Be a winner! Choose life! (Business Insider)

Photo: Courtesy of King.

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