First Look: Helena Bonham Carter Is All Kinds Of Good As Liz Taylor

Move over, Lindsay Lohan — there’s a new Elizabeth Taylor wannabe in town. Well, actually, actress is a better fit for Ms. Helena Bonham Carter who, in this just-released trailer, for the BBC’s upcoming biopic, is playing the Liz to Dominic West’s Richard Burton.
But, let us assure you off the bat, unlike some other films you may have seen recently about the icon, this one doesn’t look to be car-crash TV. Bonham Carter appears to have just the right about of charm, guts, and sass to match those same qualities possessed by the actress in real life. And, while we can still see the eccentric actress through the wig, overblown costumes, and heavy makeup, there is an essence of Liz in there, too.
The film is set in 1983 following the infamous couples’ second divorce, when Taylor decides to act in another play with her ex-husband — to fairly disastrous results. BBC 4 will show the film later on this year. Set your TiVo now. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail.

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