Will MIA’s Buzzy Documentary Ever See The Light Of Day?

Despite the fact that she seems perfectly capable of churning out hit after critically-acclaimed hit, MIA's latest project has run into some major obstacles. Along with her forthcoming album Matangi, a documentary about the singer's life was meant to be released last year — but so far, not so good. The buzz picked up once again this weekend when a teaser clip surfaced on YouTube. It's gone now at the presumably peeved request of her record labels, so you'll have to take our word for it that the doc (or at least, the clip) is pretty fascinating.
Including interviews with Kanye West and Spike Jonze, archival footage of her early collaborations with Diplo, and background information on her childhood and the influence of her father's membership in the Tamil Tigers, it's just about as gritty and darkly captivating as anything MIA has done so far. But the film has struggled with funding and other red tape. After releasing the 2012 proof-of-concept teaser himself on his Tumblr, the documentary's former director Steve Loveridge also posted an e-mail with a Roc Nation official stating that he "couldn't give a flying fuck. Count me out. Would rather die than work on this..."
That, along with several other frustrated posts by Loveridge and reports that Malangi was rejected for being "too positive," led MIA to go on a bit of a Twitter frenzy yesterday. She claims she's been "blacklisted" and suggested a possible Kickstarter to get things moving again. That sounds more plausible then ever, especially considering she recently said, regarding her album, that this would be her "last stab at a traditional release." What do you think? Would you pay to see Maya's dream become a reality?

Image: Via Flavorwire; Video: Via Ddotomen.com

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