Turns Out, Men & Women Have VERY Different Ideas About First Dates

First dates. Love ‘em, or hate ‘em, how much are you willing to really spend in order to find impress your one and only? If you're a guy, that number's a lot lower than if you're a gal, according to a recent survey conducted by Voucher Codes Pro. Their findings? More than 50% of women would opt for a romantic restaurant dinner as the date of choice, followed by the cinema or an “unexpected adventure.” Meanwhile, for men, it was a pizza takeaway and a DVD that came out on top. Really, guys? Also, money-wise, there were few discrepancies, or, "varying expectations," we should say. Women expected a lofty £96 to be devoted to the first date, whilst men proposed a more modest average of £32.50 — because, y’know, pizza’s cheap.
Finally, 40% of men would expect women to pay half. Which feels fair in many ways, and we certainly don't want to reinforce gender norms, but somehow — emotionally speaking — it's hard to feel like a first date is a real date, if he doesn't at least offer to pay. But, where do you land on the whole thing? Are you cool with splitting the bill? And does it matter how much that bill comes out to be? To the comments.
Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh

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