UPDATE: Cara D’s THIRD Tattoo Is On Her Foot, But Is It Permanent?

UPDATE: Cara Delevingne's gotta be considered a regular at Bang Bang Tattoo at this point. Visiting the New York parlor for her third inking, Delevingne's newest tat is on the bottom of her foot, and reads "Made In England." When posting the image on Instagram, she summed it up neatly with the caption "Made in England! Finally..."
But...we're a little concerned here, since the bottom of the foot is not only a super painful place for a tat, but also not the most permanent of places. Since the skin in that area sheds quite quickly, the "Made in England" may fade faster than expected.
How do we know that Cara D's middle name is Jocelyn? Because her new, new tattoo told us so. Sitting adjacent to her lion tat, Cara's new ink is an extremely cursive set of her initials, Cara Jocelyn Delevingne. The model returned to Bang Bang NYC for her second inking (sans Rihanna), and again we must ask: Is this tattoo awesome, or is Cara taking the idea of an arm party a bit too seriously?
Anyone familiar with the astrological stereotypes can tell you that Leos are a proud, notoriously fame-hungry breed. A sun sign, the Leo seeks centre stage and typically dominates the zodiac food chain (well it is represented by the lion after all). If you think all of these qualifiers also describe Cara Delevingne, you'd be correct. And to showcase her pride, she visited Bang Bang Tattoo in NYC with Rihanna to get inked.
Emblazoned on one of her fingers is a ferocious nod to a night on the town with Ri. And while we can't wait to catch a glimpse of it IRL on the runway, we wanna know: Do you love Cara's statement tat, or should she have passed on this one? (Vogue)

Image: Via Instagram

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