John Mayer's Paper Doll Video Employs The Fine Art Of Prancercise

We thought making our own Prancercise video would skyrocket us to viral fame (we even recruited our men!), but apparently we were missing one key ingredient: an acoustic crooner, preferably John Mayer. Oh, and enlisting the original prancer, Joanna Rohrback doesn't hurt. Mayer's lyric video for "Paper Doll," a track that may or may not be about Taylor Swift, proves one thing: You can prance to EDM, you can prance to folk pop — heck, we haven't seen it yet, but you can probably prance to polka.
Rohrback really gets into Mayer's slow grooves as she prances – excuse us — romances her way through an anonymous neighborhood. We should note that one does not Prancercise whilst Mayer plays, they romancercise. Aside from Mayer's oeuvre, other good omancercising tunes, should you care to start a Spotify playlist, include Counting Crow's "Colorblind," James Blunt's "You're Beautiful," and Norah Jones' "Come Away With Me." Since Robyn's been feeling her funny bone recently, we half expected her to release a parody video called "Prancing On My Own," but Mayer beat her to the punch in a juxtaposition we never saw coming, but are sure glad we did. Thank you, Joanna. Now when we're down and full of doubt, we'll stand right up and romance it out.
Photo: Courtesy of VEVO.

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