Apparently Leg-Hair Stockings Are The New Pepper Spray

hairy leg bod
Let's play pretend for a hot second: You and your girls are finally hitting the town after weeks of rescheduling. Your favorite LBD is dry-cleaned, you've got a fresh mani/pedi, blown-out hair, and some pumps you know you're going to regret wearing, but hey, sacrifices must be made in the name of style. Some conservative misogynists would argue that you're asking for "trouble" leaving your house in an outfit like that — but you beg to differ. You've slipped on a pair of leg-hair stockings underneath that black dress, and no one is going to approach you if your legs are hairy, no matter how sexy you look on top. Duh.
Okay, sarcasm over. Are faux-hairy legs a necessary preventive action a woman can take to ensure her safety when she goes out at night? To that end, China has introduced the hairy-leg stocking as a means of protecting its female population from unsolicited male attention. A Sina Welbo user described them as, "Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings." To which we say, to each her own. If a woman wants to rock the au natural look, she should go for it. But, is leg hair an "essential for all young girls going out?" Probably not.
The problem with these leggings isn't the leg hair (J.Crew made a pair of tights whose pattern unintentionally resembled hairy legs); these leggings are suggesting that rape happens based on the way you look, dress, and act — that "perverts" only want hairless, smooth, Nair'd out gams. It's as if they're saying the smoother the legs, the more rape-prone the girl. That's a pricklier statement than some unshaven pegs. (Cosmopolitan)

Image: via Cosmopolitan.

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