Taylor Swift Thinks Her Fan's Signs Are Distracting

A word of caution for any Taylor Swift fan planning on lugging their homemade posters to the pop star's show: She will get distracted and mess up her performance. Swift confessed to interviewers at this past weekend's Much Music Awards that as "amazing and adorable" as a fan's sign may be, she'll "start singing the lines of the sign" instead of, you know, the lines of the song. Will Swift pull the diva card and ban Swifties from bringing posters to her future events? Bey's already banned press photography from her show, but she's also the woman with chilled titanium straws on her tour rider.
No, Swift wouldn't do that to her devoted fans — it's how they express themselves! "They’re all kind of a little strange," she said. "Sometimes there are giant signs of my cat’s face." Those crafty posters are to the Swifties what makeup and costumes are to Lady Gaga's Monsters. You simply can't have one without the other. So, Miss Swift is just going to have to learn to how not get distracted — even if a giant poster of her cat is glaring at her from the audience. (The Sun)
Image: via The Sun.

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