Kanye West's "American Psycho" Parody Is Appropriately Crazy

What will Kanye do to you if you aren't super enthusiastic about Yeezus? Well, we always assumed there would be murder involved, but we never knew it would be quite like this. In honor of his latest masterpiece, Mr. Kardashian went full-on crazy for a short-film parody of the clasically f'ed-up American Psycho. Except this time, instead of a subtly psychotic and thoroughly manic Christian Bale, you'll enjoy a twitchy, not-so-subtle Scott Disick as the inimitable Patrick Bateman. In addition to his unofficial brother-in-law (Disick is dating Kourtney Kardashian), West also tapped his friend Jonathan Cheban to play the unlucky victim.
So, do you agree that Kanye, much like Huey Lewis and the News, has really come into his own, commercially and artistically? And with a new album and a baby daughter to take care of, will Kanye ever be able to get a reservation at Dorsia? So many questions. At any rate, Mr. West would like this to serve as your reminder that he is cool and hip and makes parodies and watches critically acclaimed films.
Video: Via YouTube; Photo: Courtesy of Lions Gate Films.

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