Adorable, Weird, Awkward: The Best Texts From Our Dads

For some reason, everyone likes to talk about what sorts of gadgets we should be getting our dear dads for Father's Day, as if being a dad makes someone interested — or even good — at dealing with technology. Which is funny, because in reality, dads (and moms) oscillate between being pretty darn competent at tackling the newest and coolest (so much so that it can be uncanny), or they are hilariously, preciously clueless.
The fathers belonging to R29ers run the gamut between those who can't stop (literally, can't stop) texting their kids, to those who think that text messaging is a magical form of communication that should be able to intrinsically communicate whatever message they mash onto the keys. Yet, whether our pops are technologically savvy or adverse, they are our fathers — and we love them dearly. Even if they send us some mighty strange SMS missives every now and again.

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