Cute Overload: Jay-Z's Biggest Hits In Lullaby Form!

Next up on Jay-Z's list of musical hits: lullabies! Well, not exactly. Twelve of Hova's most popular songs are getting remade into baby-friendly lullabies for Rockabye Baby!, and after a quick listen, we're about ready for a nap ourselves.
Rockabye Baby! has a long history of turning hits into sleep-inducing tunes for babies, and now, Jay-Z joins the ranks of Prince, U2, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to let your kids groove while they snooze. Jay's tracks remind us of old-school MIDI music files, like the ones used for ringtones in the '90s, but way cuter and slightly, erm, better.
The news of the CD seems well-timed, given the rumors of Beyoncé being pregnant with the couple's second child. We know, we know — B's not quite ready to be a mom again, but hey, we can still dream? The CD drops on July 9, and one thing's for sure: It'll definitely help your tot with spelling. H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A...(Mommyish)
opener Photo: Via Rockabye Baby Music

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