Oh Dear: Melissa McCarthy Has Been Photoshopped Into Oblivion

Did you know that new BFFs Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are not actually starring in a movie together? Though we previously believed McCarthy would appear in The Heat, the latest U.K.-only poster suggests she has actually been replaced with an alien from the planet Photoshop.
Now, as you can see, they've given Sandra Bullock a relatively normal level of retouching. Sure, she's got perfect, porcelain skin, but she's recognizable. Ms. McCarthy's normally expressive face, however, is disappointingly blah. Oddly enough, she even looks a little bit like Rosie O'Donnell, no?
Of course, we're used to seeing Hollywood's more full-figured ladies fall victim to the same, no matter how gorgeous they are in reality. Until now, it seemed like Melissa McCarthy's comedic chops were actually being allowed to take the spotlight, rather than her physical appearance, which makes this poster all the more annoying. And even if any trace remained of her real face, the combination of her flowing hair and glamour-shot airbrushing is a total disconnect with the apparently messy, rag-tag comedic vibe of the movie itself. Here's a film still to prove it:
Let it be known that we will be seeing this movie because Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are awesome and funny, not because we saw the poster and said, "OMG, so pretty, I want to spend $15 on a ticket so I can look at her face more!"

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