Guess How Long It Takes For High Heels To Become Painful

There have been many occasions where we've arrived at a party and flaunted a pair of sky-high Pierre Hardys, only to be bombarded with the question, "How do you walk in those?" The honest answer? Not without a little side of pain, maybe a few calluses, and a bag full of Band-Aids.
Are those pumps really worth the bumps? The Daily Mail reports on the College of Podiatry's British study, which found that 90% of women have suffered serious foot problems from ill-fitting shoes — clearly, preaching to the choir here! In fact, that seemingly innocuous collection of stilettos can lead to podiatry complications ranging from blisters to arthritis. The study, nevertheless, found that half of women endure shoe pain to look good.
Depending if we're squished into pointy-toe-toe-murderers or plump platforms, most women start feeling their feet burn after one hour, six minutes and 48 seconds, (which is exactly one hour, six minutes, and 40 seconds longer than us). In another statistic, the College of Podiatry discovered that women typically own 17 pairs of shoes, while men own just eight.
While we wouldn't call all of the study's findings "revolutionary," the article does scare us about the dangers of wearing too-high heels — besides of course, falling over and breaking our necks, as our grandmothers would suggest. Maybe those stacked wedges aren't looking so bad after all? (Daily Mail)
podiatry Photo: Via Daily Mail

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