According To This Playlist, Frances Bean Cobain Needs To DJ, Stat!

frances beanbody
If there's one thing to learn from Frances Bean Cobain's Twitter feud with one of the (kinda) Kardashians, it's not to mess with her because she will throw shade, and she will come out on top. Oh, and she also has killer taste in music — but that's to be expected, right?
After you cipher through cuss words and some seriously bold call-outs to Kendall Jenner, you'll find yourself scrolling through Spotify playlists, YouTube links, and SoundCloud posts. Her playlists are basically a time capsule for every alt-'90s, early '00s indie scenester. Tracks from The Pixies, Buzzcocks, and Mazzy Star flow into Bright Eyes and California's latest jam band, The Neighbourhood.
Frances Bean is technically not legal to drink, but these tunes really call for a mid-afternoon booze break, so we'll just crack open a few beers, and kick our Doc Martens back in her honor. Cheers, Frances! (Huffington Post)

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter / @alka_seltzer666.

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