We Saw This Coming: Zooey Deschanel Gets Her Own Nail Decals

rad nails embed
Zooey Deschanel is one of those people whose commitment to being adorable at all times is sometimes overwhelming. Don't get us wrong, we're pretty much in love with her, but we do wonder how she doesn't drop dead from the exhaustion of being perpetually cute. That being said, no one is denying that her band with M. Ward, She & Him, is awesome, and we're super into their newest album, Volume 3. So, obviously, we were beyond stoked to learn that She & Him is collaborating with Rad Nails (another R29 favorite) to create limited-edition nail decals that match the album cover, because hello, have you met us? This is relevant to our lives in every way.
Yes, it turns out that Deschanel's cuteness just begets more cuteness: The '60s inspired patterns on the decals have bows, polka dots, and blocks in pastel pink, blue, and yellow. It's just so perfectly twee and what you would expect from Zooey Deschanel nail art. The best part? The decal set is free when you get the album from Merge Records using the coupon code NAILS. That means you don't have to choose between your nails and your music if your budget is a little tight (since we know you already splurged on summer makeup).

She & Him Volume 3 and free nail decals, $8.99-$18.98, available at Merge Records

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Photo: Courtesy of Rad Nails