Facebook Knows You (At Least) As Well As You Know Yourself

Lately, conducting research and creating infographics based on that research has become a pretty common trend in marketing and publicity for all kinds of companies. Sometimes, we find the results quite interesting, and we tell you about them with a post. Other times, we clear 'em right out of our inboxes and move on. This time, we're kind of on the fence. While there are a lot of scary stories flying around about Facebook and how much access it has to your private life, it's not always clear what the actual truth of the matter is. The company has had its fair share of privacy scandals, and we're definitely wary of the risks involved (especially as demands for ad revenue grow more pressing, and stuff like this starts happening). But how much does Facebook — and the apps that live on it — really know about you?
This infographic from MyPermissions.com makes some pretty bold claims on that front. We're a bit skeptical — though we don't doubt the information is rooted in truth, we're not sure that third parties can simply walk up to your page and start posting in your name without courting you through a few hoops first. We just happen to have our own Facebook page, and while we are able to see basic account info (though it varies based on the individual's privacy settings), we're certainly not aware of any feature that allows us to totally creep on you 24/7. Not that we would, anyway.
So, check it out, and maybe rethink whether or not your commitment to Farmville is worth Big Brother-levels of surveillance. This is undoubtedly an issue worth thinking about and knowing more about. But this graphic, and the particular wording it uses, is also part of an advertisement (for a company that also has a Facebook page, just so we're all clear) on some level, so maybe take it with just a few grains of salt. (State Of Search)
Image: Courtesy of MyPermissions.

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