The Best Summer Rap Songs From 1979 To Now

Be it "Stronger," "It Takes Two," or "Hot In Herre," there's always one rap track that straight-up dominates the sweaty clubs, backyard ragers, and cross-country road trips of summer. It's pretty much a scientific law. Well, our friends, the experts over at Complex, went back to the lab, sat down with the figures, and determined once and for all which song was the absolute, unquestioned jam of each summer from 2012 all the way back to 1979. Oddly enough, '79's track isn't actually rap at all, but "Good Times," the Nile Rodgers-produced, Le Chic single that launched a thousand samples. Isn't history interesting, kids?
Anyways, flip on through its timeline, agree or disagree in the comments, and, while you're at it, plug in your phones and try to guess our fave from the list in the comments below. The first one to nail it gets props for life. Stay funky this weekend, kids. (Complex)

Photo: Courtesy Complex.

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