Are Herbal Aphrodisiacs Actually A Thing? We Hope So

libido herb
When we saw this Huffington Post story about herbal aphrodisiacs, our eyebrows were more than a little raised. Dr. Oz writes that ginseng, nutmeg, and maca root all have the power to increase libido. We'd love it if that were true, but when it comes to the psychosexual potential of herbs and spices, we're trying not to get our hopes up. Nothing sounds more dismal than a night in with a maca smoothie and a cutie that doesn't end in fireworks, right, ladies?
Leave it to Jezebel, of course, to call BS on the whole thing: "You could probably eat roadkill and be raring to go with the right person," writes Laura Beck, calling it like she sees it. We'll probably at least try sprinkling some nutmeg here and there, because why not? Worst case scenario, at least dinner will be a little more exciting. (The Huffington Post)

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