UPDATE: Cronut Mania Peaks As Cronut-bags Take To Craigslist

UPDATE: Eater reports that devotees have taken to Craigslist in search of the elusive pastry. One post offers to pick up and deliver Cronuts to you for $20 to $40 per piece, depending on your location in NYC. By now, we assume the price has risen to, say, your firstborn child.

Ever since cupcakes lost their edge, we've been on the look out for the next dessert phenomenon. Cookies are a classic, donuts were a blip, and we just cannot get behind cake pops. It seems the latest sweet obsession is an entirely new hybrid:
the cronut

Though it sounds like some kind of pre-historic bridal shower treat, this sweet and flaky beauty is a hybrid of buttery-croissant/sugar-coated donut. Created by Dominique Ansel, this confection has only been out for a week and already the city has gone bonkers. The Village Voice reports that a small batch of 50 cronuts were sold on Friday, May 12. On Saturday morning, dozens of people were lined up by 7:30, hours before doors opened. Normally, New Yorkers only rise at that hour to beat the rush at SoulCycle, but the call of the cronut is too great to resist.
While Los Angeles begs pastry chefs to bring the cronut out west, here on the East Coast, we've already started a support group for cronut-crazies. Yes, at cronut.org, you can share your Instagrams, cronut dreams, and horror stories of sugar crashes gone awry. If you need someone else to talk about your fixation on this frosted goodness, you'll know where to find us — elbow-deep in Ansel's deep-fryer. (Village Voice)

Image: courtesy of Niko Triantafillou, DessertBuzz

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