Yahoo’s Tumblr Buyout Has Us Tumbling Over!

This past week, news had been swirling over whether Yahoo and Tumblr were in talks for a buyout, and now it's officially confirmed that the Web giant has indeed claimed the much-beloved blogging site. Our go-to destination for hilarious GIFs, like Whilst In S.F., has pocketed a cool $1.1 billion in order for Yahoo to take ownership — not bad for a site that (only) makes $13.3 million in revenue each year.
While Tumblr's CEO and founder David Karp will keep running the site — he's locked in to a four-year contract — the question remains as to how the interface will change once Marissa Mayer gets her hands on it. (Get ready to see some ads popping up between those cat memes, devoted Tumblrs!) To prove she's in-tune with the Tumblr scene, Mayer posted her very own animated GIF to commemorate the new partnership. So, we're dying to know: Does the buyout have you stoked for what's to come, or were you as shocked as a Surprised Patrick Star? Holler at us in the comments! (Business Insider)

Photo: Via Facebook/Tumblr

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