5 Things To Know This AM — May 15 2013

If Lisa Frank ever came out with a fashion line, it would probably look extremely similar to the Gerlan x Joyrich collection available at the VFILES shop. And that's okay. (VFILES)
Imagine the glitz and glamour of Gatsby's 1920s, mixed with the gritty sleaze of New York in the '70s, and you have Donna Karan New York's elegantly edgy fall '13 campaign. (DKNY)
Let's here it for Minnesota! We're cheering right alongside the dedicated Minnesotans in this video, because it's the third state in just 10 days to legalize same-sex marriage, and that's just plain awesome. (Now This News)
We're all about the indie designers of today — but what about the lesser-known names of the past? It might have been a Coco Chanel world, but she wasn't the only one doing great things back in the day. (Fashionista)
#CandidlyNicole is quickly becoming our new favorite web series, and the latest episodes' foray into the do's and don'ts of first-date fashion are a little too familiar. (Glamour)
Photo: Courtesy of VFILES.

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