More Silly “Millennial” Generalizations, Now In Video Form

The best thing about the endless parade of hand-wringing commentary on "millennials" is that we, the millennials, get to learn a lot about ourselves. For instance, did you know that the only thing you ever do is take Instagram selfies and "Like" things on Facebook? Are you also aware that what you thought was a smart, obvious money decision to not have a landline in addition to a cell phone is actually just really annoying and stupid?

jumped on the bandwagon with their latest issue, including a very grabby cover (pictured here). Though to be fair, it's far from the first time they've done this cover — actually, they've basically published the exact same thing over and over again with different generations as they move into adulthood. The actual article is currently only available behind the site's paywall (sorry, as a millennial, this writer was too poor/lazy/stupid/narcissistic to check it out), so for now, you'll have to make do with this video. Actually, for the most part, we thought it was — if slightly repetitive and ridiculous — more or less harmless and kind of funny. 41-year-old Joel Stein is a well-known funny person, after all.

And we're pretty sure Mr. Stein is, indeed, aware that this is all a big joke and perhaps a parody on the incessant media coverage on the millennial plight. The last sentence, though, is not so much jokey journalism as it is straight-up trolling. It's enough to make you type a sad face emoticon: "I'm sure they'll never get any actual work good luck with our bridges and infrastructure." Great. Hilarious. Love it. Sorry, have to go, can't finish expressing my opinion because I have an urgent non-essential G-chat waiting.

Photo/Video: Courtesy of Time Magazine.

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