A Field Guide To Spotting London Hipsters

Plaid. Ironic mustaches. Very, very tight pants. These are the obvious hallmarks of hipsterdom, which we've explored both in the home and out in the world.
But, what of London hipsters? Clearly, we have more to offer than the average city when it comes to everyone's favorite love-it-or-hate-it aesthetic. And Buzzfeed outlines precisely what differentiate London hipsters from the pack, in a roundup of Instagrams, (with carefully selected filters, naturally).
The London hipster is a giant among men — one who makes duck faces and wears non-prescription glasses, one whose beard is greater and mightier than any other, and one who drinks out of jam jars, rather than totally mainstream glasses. Oh, and London hipsters make out in rubbish bins.
Check out the full roundup ahead — though word of warning: If you're the type who loves taking pictures of your food or wearing Batman-inspired getups, you may not want to click through. (BuzzFeed)
Image: Via BuzzFeed

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