Rebecca Black Covered Rihanna And It's Not Half Bad

In case you need a reminder — it's Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday and after that comes Friday ("Friii-daaaay"), which happens to be Rebecca Black's favorite day of the week. So, needless to say, we were caught off guard when Black's latest attempt at fame surfaced today, of all days. But, before you roll your eyes and continue on, give the girl a chance: Her cover of Rihanna's latest single "Stay" is actually pretty...good?
Sure, the video's a little shaky and less styled than "Friday," but that's not the point. Black's vocals aren't auto-tuned up the wazoo, which is a relief in this day and age. So, are we saying that Black is the next Beyoncé or Mariah Carey? Hardly. But she's proved she has thick enough skin to shake off the haters who squeezed the life out of her first single. Rebecca Black, you may not be in our daily music rotation, but you have our respect.
Video: Courtesy of Catch The Music Records.

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