The 28 Ways We’re All Still Like Bridget Jones

Oh look, 28 explicit ways our lives match Bridget Jones. Or used to, in any case. And obviously, Buzzfeed kindly illustrates each point with a fetching gif from a scene in the movie. Oh Bridget, how we have missed you.
While flicking through the list we were struck by a pang of nostalgia for the film and its characters. There was a time in the noughties where hearing the refrain, “you’re so like Bridget Jones!” was an almost daily occurrence. What that phrase really meant was, “you’re young, you don’t have too many responsibilities, and you probably drink more than you should do, most of the time.” Those days are over (save for the drinking, maybe) but some of the points the list raises remain: We do value ourselves (point 27) and it is always good to express our emotions (point 19, especially in pajamas while listening to "All By Myself"), and there is someone currently waiting for all of us, who likes us just the way we are (point 28). Feels like it might be time to rent the movie again, no? (Buzzfeed)
Bridget Jones

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures

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