Ryan Gosling Meets The Devil In Red Band Trailer For Only God Forgives (NSFW)

A synth-organ soundtrack, swords, gun fights, and Ryan Gosling: That's all you need to know about the red band trailer for Only God Forgives. Oh, and there's some pretty intense, probably NSFW violence (we suggest watching this with someone else if you squirm at a paper cut).
In one of his last films before he retires, Gosling teamed up with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn to play a drug kingpin sent on a quest for revenge after his brother is killed in Bangkok. From the looks of the trailer, there's going to be plenty of blood, secret meetings in swanky restaurants, and a lot of Gosling quietly parading through Bangkok's boxing underbelly, swiftly slaying those who've wronged his family. We hate to see our beloved Goz all bruised and hurt, but it's okay. We're volunteering ourselves to nurse him back to health.

Photo/Video: Courtesy of Radius TWC.


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