Hold The Phone: Why Our Gadgets Are Zapping Creative Growth!

We’d be lying if we didn't admit to our occasional tech-induced, zombie-like trance, iPhones practically glued in hand. And, if we were really being honest, we'd admit to our sneaking suspicion that these brightly lit devices and rapid advancements are total creative sucks (yes, despite how artsy we can get with those Instagram filters!).
And, it seems like we're right. According to an article in Fast Company, we can blame our iPhones for never allowing us to embrace boredom — which, in turn, never gives us the opportunity to daydream or think freely. After all, it’s only when the mind wanders that stroke-of-genius thoughts occur. Mindlessly thumbing through those feeds means we're never truly engaged in a way that can promote real cerebral growth. So, the next time you're itching to surf social media, or lurching to check-in at that taco stand, resist the urge. Who knows — maybe you’ll wind up, you know, thinking. (Fast Company)

Photo: Via Apple