Are You Earning What You Deserve?

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Today is Equal Pay Day, again. Know what that means? In a culture that sometimes claims to be "post-feminist," women are still making 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. If you can't picture the difference that makes, think about this: Equal Pay Day is on April 9 because that's how long it takes a woman to make what a man made in the previous year. Is your blood beginning to boil? Ours, too.
But, it's not enough to just feel annoyed about it and then wordlessly take your anger out on your keyboard. True, you're probably not getting paid what you deserve, but you're not helpless. Sometimes it's just a matter of asking for more money, which admittedly makes a lot of us feel uncomfortable. And, why shouldn't we feel that way? It's hard not to preempt a "no" when the numbers are looking so grim.
That's why the Levo League is launching its #Ask4More campaign: because they know that many of us just weren't taught how to ask for money. By signing up on the campaign site, you'll get a week of emails with tips from experts on how to negotiate your salary, tools to build your confidence, and an invitation to a local in-person workshop. We think this campaign is brill, and definitely appreciate the mentorship. Here's to collectively asking for more until Equal Pay Day becomes a cautionary tale we tell our daughters.

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