RIP: Margaret Thatcher Has Passed Away Today

Baroness Margaret Thatcher has died today after suffering a massive stroke. The politician was the 20th century's longest serving Prime Minister and the first female to hold this lofty position. The current Prime Minister David Cameron on hearing the news of her death issued the following statement, “Today is a truly sad day for our country. We’ve lost a great prime minister, a great leader, a great Briton.”
As per the Baroness’s wishes, she will not have a state funeral but will be given the same ceremony the Queen Mother and Princess Diana received.
Despite how you might feel about her policies during her 1979 to 1990 leadership, this is a fitting moment to honor the great heights to which she rose as a woman in a particularly male political arena. That a girl born in 1925 in Grantham to a grocer could work her way up from a research chemist, to a barrister, politician and ultimately Prime Minister is no small feat, and female politicians around the globe are better for it, today. (The Times)
Photo: The Independent / REX USA

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