The Latest Viral Trend Puts Pups In Pantyhose, Because That’s A Thing

It’s a well-known fact that there are some wacky pet owners out there who love to dress up their pets inappropriately — winter sweaters, cosplay outfits, and pet shoes notwithstanding — but this latest dog-dressing trend has totally the dogs! (Sorry, we just had to.)
While taking cute pics of our pups and posting them on Instagram is de rigeur, users of the popular Chinese social-networking site, Weibo, took to posting images of their dogs while wearing pantyhose. You read that right. Humans are now dressing their beloved canines in nylons, and posting pictures of them online. And if their canine humility hadn't suffered enough, some of these pup owners even take the trend to the next level and put super-high stilettos on the paws of these animals. We love a good pair of pumps as much as the next fashion-enthusiast, but heels aren't meant for delicate little pads.
Reactions to this latest viral trend/form of animal cruelty have been met with mixed results: Some find it funny, others find it just plain weird, but for the most part, many find it rightfully humiliating. (Though, to be fair, whenever we've put funny hats on our dogs, they'll often enjoy the excess attention, laughs, and pets — and any time our pups don't like something, they'll generally let us know. Let's hope these puppers do the same.)

Photo: Via Kotaku.

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