Great Britain Has A Seven-Tier Class System…& Here’s Where You Fall

It looks like David Cameron’s “classless society” really has bitten the dust. The Great British Class Survey released yesterday has revealed a new seven-tier system of social groups ranging from the Elite to the Technical Middle Class and the confusingly titled Precarious Proletariat. Yes, really.
Gone are the old notions of working and middle class and in their place we have smaller subsections of class, based on net worth as well as social and cultural pursuits. But what does it all mean? Surely your background, bank balance, and the number of times you’ve been to the National Theatre this year doesn’t define who you are or what social category you belong to. So, why does this still exist?
And yet, curiosity always wins out. So, we took the five- minute “class calculator” quiz over on BBC to determine what class we fell under. Now we know. But, five questions later, we were still none the wiser as to how this tool managed to work out the results. Any thoughts? (The Times)
classsystem Photo: Via The Times

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