Goodbye, Paper Resumés. Now You Can Tweet To Get Hired

Attention future college graduates and current jobseekers: Your standard 8.5" x 11" paper resumé is old news. You may now have to win over your potential employer in 140 characters or less. Yep, hiring managers are embracing social media as not just a way to background-check, but also as a means to really get to know you. And Gozaik is going to help.
Instead of sending employers your CV and cover letter, a Goziak profile synthesizes all your basic resumé requirements, allows you to upload an introduction video, and links directly to your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram handles. Companies linked to Goziak will announce openings, which gives you the option to tweet them a link to your profile. It's like LinkedIn, only cooler because your personality is packaged in a witty Tweet (and you rule, obviously).
In a world that's quickly going digital, recent grads and job seekers "struggle to express how they'll be able to add value to a work place," says Joe Budzienski, creator of Goziak. We pour our individual characters into the various social media platforms we use — and outlets like Twitter quickly become reflective of who we are. The traditional paper resumé still works, but a Twitter C.V. "works for you," Goziak claims. That is, of course, only if you've blocked those wild party pictures you're tagged in from two spring breaks ago. Goziak doesn't curate your personality — that's your job. (Business Insider)

Photo: Courtesy of Gozaik.

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