Lana Del Rey Covers Leonard Cohen In Her New Video

Cohen purists may take offense at Lana Del Rey's hipster appropriation of "Chelsea Hotel No. 2", but, in a way, the reflective ode seems made for the chanteuse. The video itself — true to LDR form — lays it on just a little thick, what with the Super 8 effects and gratuitous shots of her infamous pout, but the cover has the makings of a potential hit.
The original version was written in '74 about Cohen's fling with Janis Joplin that took place, natch, at said hotel. Chelsea's certainly changed a lot since then, but it's still a cultural breeding ground for lovesick artists — and, if there's one thing Lana loves, it's heavy nostalgia with a side of poignant, dejected sadness. So, the entertainer gives us a raw, deep performance — none of those bland or superficial qualities that lead listeners to take issue with her work. We're adding this one to our playlist, are you?
Photo/Video: Via Spin.

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