5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 28 2013

Big-name PR firms like KCD might seem like a gated castle on top of a scary mountain to smaller brands, but they're actually doing a fair amount to help out the underdog. (Fashionista)
Since going down under last July, IMG has completely changed the face of the modeling industry in Australia — and not without a few controversies along the way. (Frockwriter)
Retailers take note: A new study shows that luxury consumers aren't the one-trick, homogenous mass we once thought. (WWD)
How The LIttle Mermaid saved Disney: A fascinating tale of the coulda-been death of animation, and a great excuse to watch your favorite Disney movie all over again. (Vice)
Martha Stewart is definitely not jumping on the less-is-more beauty movement. When talking about her beauty routine, she mentions she uses at least five soaps on a daily basis. (StyleList)
Image: Via Fashionista.

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