Here’s A Fun Way To Waste Your Morning (& Then Some), Online

Don't you miss the days when you could have excruciatingly painful social interactions over AIM? You and your pals have probably grown out of that ish by now, but hey, it had its charms. Which is precisely why this website exists: to remind you that awkwardness is a great conversation starter!
Awkward Chatbot is just like all those other once-trendy chat robots, except that instead of helping you with your psychological problems or attempting to engage in fun conversation, it just does really awkward, inexplicable things. And it's also better than any of its fellow bots, because it does a really good job at fulfilling its purpose and not being misused for mockery.
We should note that this is also a great way to find out if you yourself are horrible at chatting online. Another good application: If you have a coworker who keeps doing weird stuff just like this poor bot, send them the link and see if they take the hint. Third option: Just spend all morning chatting with it, avoiding work. It's all gold!

Photo: Courtesy of Lovespelljewels.

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