Leona Lewis Launches Cruelty-Free Makeup With The Body Shop

Just on the heels of this week’s news of the complete ban of the sale of cosmetics developed through animal testing in the EU, Leona Lewis is announcing her partnering with The Body Shop to launch a range of cruelty-free makeup. The singer is the second high profile celebrity to do so with the U.K. company — Lily Cole being the first.
It is a cause that the X-Factor star feels passionately about, as she’s been a vegetarian for a number of years. And in the promotional video, she's at pains to point out that the ingredients in the limited-edition collection are ethically sourced, community fair-trade, and 100% vegetarian. With prices starting from £7 for a lipgloss, it seems to be the perfect opportunity to put (a limited amount of) your money where your mouth is.
Leona Lewis for The Body Shop Limited Edition Cruelty Free Makeup Collection £7 to £16, available at The Body Shop.
Photo: Courtesy of The Body Shop

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