Are These The Coolest Roommates In NYC? Read On, Then Share Your Story

Living in the Big Apple just wouldn't be the same if we didn't have those wacky roommate stories. And, yes, we've all had them. From the messy hoarder who steals your Friends DVDs to the hot mess with boundary issues, there's not a roomie archetype R29 HQ hasn't come across. Luckily for our city's sanity, not all seemingly random matchups end in disaster — there are tons of cohabitating semi-strangers who are doing so in (near) perfect harmony.
New York magazine recently put its investigative skills to work to set out to find five completely different — and perfectly unique — sets of roommates, and the result is an awesome cross-section of NYC's creative citizenry. The reporters interviewed everyone from a cabaret performer and an art director sharing a Hell's Kitchen abode to 30 Columbia students shacked up in a modern-day kibbutz. Click over to read about how your neighbors are living...and give thanks for your bedroom door. Now, do you have any crazy tales you want to share? (New York Magazine)
Photo: Via NY Mag

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